I think , not too long ago, I probably stood precisely where you stand.. until she left.

As stupid as it sounds, you wouldn't believe the emotional rollercoaster I used to go through every time I had to buy a gift for my wife.

It sounds silly, I know, but it's true.

In the beginning, I wanted so desperately to nail it – to show her that I did understand her. But man, overtime... I just spontaneously grabbed something off a shelf, without much thought, without much heart.

We were gradually drifting apart, and my careless attitude was the sole responsible.

I never truly comprehended how much I leaned on her, how much she meant, until...she left me.

Every night, there was this torturous routine

In the evening I'd be waiting by the dinner table, half-expecting her to walk through the door like she always did.

But Instead, it was just me, accompanied only by the echoing stillness of an empty house.

I can't tell you how many hours I spent at that table. I was trapped there, replaying it all.

The isolation, the regret, the nights staring at the ceiling, asking myself where I went wrong – it was hell, pure hell. I wouldn't want even my worst enemy to go through what I did.

For two agonizing years, I was on a singular mission : to regain her heart

In my desperate attempts, I first turned to my guy friends. But their advice, was the usual cliche stuff – flowers, spa, cruises, cars, restaurants, instruments.

While these gifts had their charm, they were, in essence, generic. They screamed, "I see you like every other woman," precisely the sentiment that had pushed her away.

I realized my mistake: I was asking men, not women.

So, I embarked on a massive quest, questioning women from all walks of life - forums, cafes, offices, social media, even stopping strangers on the street. Anywhere and everywhere, I sought their wisdom on how to convey genuine affection.

Over two years, from 2500 gestures and ideas, women's insights shaped 47 golden actions.

Despite my repeated efforts, the initial phone calls, texts, and flowers hadn't borne fruit. But armed with these 47 women-approved gestures, things began to change. Every idea I tried worked wonders, melting away her doubts and hesitations. Bit by bit, I won her heart back.

Soon, my life began to fall into place. The job I'd lost in my depression? I landed an even better one. The weight I'd gained during our separation? I shed it, returning to my healthier self. My mental health rebounded, and I emerged from the abyss of depression. With her back by my side, I felt invincible.

But life had another twist awaiting me.

Maybe it was those years of neglecting my health, or perhaps just fate playing its cruel hand, but I got health issues.

Facing my mortality, I decided to help men who struggle to express their love. I compiled the 47 ideas into a book and added a special touch, a jewelry bundle, symbolic of the journey I'd undertaken.

Through this endeavor, I hope to offer you a lifeline, a way to avoid the heartbreak, depression, and health decline that I had endured. My journey, both the highs and lows, is my gift to you.

Here's my gift for you

A special bundle that comprise all the 47 date ideas, a course to strneghten your relationship and the "Moracle" necklace.

The inspiration for the "Miracle" necklace came from the beauty of angels.

The necklace represents the idea that love is always present, just like how fate brought us together,

and serves as a reminder that someone is always there to protect and make everything okay in life.

1. The undisclosed Desires ebook

Lifetime Warantee

Lifetime Warantee

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